Payment Solution Provider

Affirmative Technologies Inc. is an industry-leading payment solutions provider that enables our clients – companies engaged in offering electronic payment services to their respective marketing verticals: including healthcare, utilities and bill pay providers – a robust processing platform to differentiate and compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. Affirmative provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and services capable of processing every financial transaction that occurs across the benefit value chain – from one time to recurring, both payables and receivables processing.

Processing more than 62 million ACH payments annually, Affirmative has built the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable and flexible technology platform. As alternative payments and companion offerings continue to evolve, Affirmative is able to easily support increasing levels of complexity with regards to the business rules surrounding overall risk, payment debits, credits, reconciliation and communications. We process every transaction with unmatched reliability, accuracy and support, as our clients will attest.

As the marketplace dynamics continue to change, our clients must consistently re-evaluate and reinvent their service offerings to remain relevant and differentiate themselves. Affirmative is focused on creating solutions that anticipate the coming changes in the benefits world, so our clients are prepared to meet their customer’s needs now and in the future. We have the knowledge to bridge the worlds of financial services relating to electronic payments, – allowing us to deliver solutions that enable our clients to win in the market, run their business more efficiently, and focus on their core competencies.