Lockbox Services

Affirmative Technologies in conjunction with our alliance Lockbox Processor, offers lockbox payment processing services. A fully outsourced service that collects, consolidates and processes customer payments/donations, which are deposited directly into your operating account.

Merchants and Utility Companies across the country that have large dollar remittances, or process a large volume of remittances, are now able to collect them in the most expedient manner by using our Lockbox Payment Processing Service. All remittance information (including photocopies of checks, envelopes and customer correspondence) is promptly returned so merchants can quickly update their records. Merchants can also choose to receive an optional data file of pertinent customer information (such as name, account and invoice number as well as discounts taken) for automated input into their accounts receivable system. Plus, our system provides same-day availability of funds for checks drawn on selected financial institutions from coast to coast. Through our alliance Lockbox Processor, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for Lockbox processing services–and we’ll strive to ensure special requirements can be met in order that clients are not forced into a one-service level fits all-inflexible process.