Back Office Conversion – (BOC)


Back office conversion (sometimes referred to as distributed capture, remote capture, remote deposit, and electronic deposit) is a relatively new concept that is designed to identify the lowest-cost routing option for a particular check transaction. In theory, a decision is made in the back office of a corporation whether the check transaction should be cleared as a paper check, a Check 21 substitute check, a Check 21 image exchange, or an ACH.

Solution- How it Works

Application is Internet-based user interface that includes imager interfaces to the majority of scanners that are in the marketplace today. Our application provides image storage and archival that also takes into account other factors important in determining whether the item is ACH eligible or whether or not the check was already presented; preventing duplicate deposits.

Immediate Benefits Realized:

  • Fewer deposit runs (needed only for non-U.S. checks and cash), which should reduce courier fees and staff time
  • Increased funds availability (in many cases)
  • Ability to reduce the number of bank relationships
  • Simplified concentration of deposited funds
  • Automation of bank deposit, fewer deposit prep tasks

Remote Check Capture Alternatives Available

BOC Check processing eliminates paper and consolidates deposits, but also requires reconciliation and exception handling. The new ePayment only addresses consumer payments, so what are you to do with the exceptions? Items that are not eligible for ACH Conversion may be scanned together and imaged with the batch of checks at the end of the day. With Affirmative’s smart decisioning engine, the creation of an image file is presented to your Financial Institution or Processor for clearing through the appropriate channel.

What you basically have is an ALL checks solution from one software provider.