ACH Hub™

Build-Retain commercial clients by providing technically superior electronic payment processing services; affordable easy-to-use web based Merchant front-end entry with comprehensive processing engine featuring significant ODFI risk management/monitoring controls.


Meet your Customer’s electronic payment needs:

  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion
  • Checks By Phone
  • Internet Payments
  • Point-Of-Sale Payments
  • Bill Payment

Electronic Payments: The Future of E-Commerce

AchHub™ Delivers:

  • Latest technology; creative features and critical functionality
  • Risk monitor real-time display of significant risk events
  • Increased deposit balances and fees
  • ACH Audit Compliance

The electronic payments industry is still in its infancy, and with less than 3% market penetration in total payments has exponential growth potential for many years to come. Need convincing? Visit NACHA’s site at for detailed information and statistics on the growth of electronic payments via the ACH Network.

NACHA is so convinced of the future of the ACH Network as it applies to financial institutions it has produced a publication dedicated solely to educating the financial services industry of its benefits. ACH MARKETING HANDBOOK, a step-by-step guide for financial institutions and companies, is a 148-page publication detailing the benefits and advantages of the ACH Network (order online at or ).

ACH Marketing Handbook: A Guide for Financial Institutions and Companies

This publication offers step-by-step ACH marketing guidelines with separate sections for financial institutions and corporations. Details how to identify potential customers, develop and implement an effective marketing plan, and sell ACH benefits to consumers and to your own organization.

There’s a reason why less than 20% of the nation’s Financial Institutions chose to become an ODFI; the initial investment and ongoing maintenance and support can be very expensive. With Affirmative’s™ application, every financial institution, regardless of size, will be able to offer their new and existing commercial customers a privately-labeled, seemingly direct ACH Network processing service, without the investment in assets or the infrastructure required to operate the system. Smaller banks in particular will benefit. They will be able to offer a complete ACH Network payment-processing service previously dominated by much larger Financial Institutions. To learn more about the future of the ACH Network, Click Here to view the “Next Generation ACH Task Force – Future Vision Of The ACH Network”.

The electronic payments industry through the ACH Network serves 20,000 financial institutions, 3.5 million businesses, and 100 million individuals. The ACH Network is commonly used for Direct Deposit of payroll and government benefits such as Social Security, Direct Payment of consumer bills, business-to-business payments, federal tax payments, and, increasingly, e-checks and e-commerce payments.