Payment Processors

Leveraging an enterprise processing platform, ACH Processor ™ provides a complete ACH processing solution focusing on multi-merchant solutions for capturing payment instructions across numerous business lines.

Collect and Disburse Payments

  • Cloud-based suite of electronic payment options available
  • ACH solution offers dashboard for using a Web service
  • Transactions can be passed in real-time or in batch mode
  • Maximum Security- End-to-end tokenization, preventing the need to store sensitive account information

Boost your Bottom Line

  • Control your destiny, while providing your customers direct ACH processing solutions.
  • Experience higher margins with lower transaction fees.
  • Deliver a robust payment solution across a variety of industries including billers, government, banking and healthcare.
  • Privately Labeled Custom Website – A Complete Privately Labeled ACH Processing System designed for you to provide a full menu of electronic payment services to your Merchants and their customers.
  • Residual Income – Merchants pay you an initial application fee, monthly account maintenance fee, and ACH transaction processing fees. Your markup provides residual income for years to come.
  • ODFI Alternatives – Not happy with your current ODFI’s service, hold period of your funds or account/transaction pricing? Take your business elsewhere–Affirmative provides an efficient economical alternative.
  • Technical Efficiencies – Affirmative’s ACH Applications easily accommodate the import/export of comma delimited text files, and reduce or eliminate the cost of handling ACH Returns and NOCs by automating the return and resubmission process.
  • Customer Service – Your merchants easily import a file or manually enter their customer’s payment data on your website. Data is batched and processed electronically through the ACH Network and Federal Reserve Banking System.
  • Risk Management Measures – Significant risk parameters with layers of fraud protection are integrated into Affirmative’s ACH Processor Application.
  • Full Product & Service Menu – More than 20 different electronic payment products and services under one roof to resell to your customers.
  • Solutions Provider – Affirmative personnel are experts in the electronic payment industry. With more than sixteen years of experience in creating unique payment processing solutions, there hasn’t been a single case where Affirmative hasn’t provided an efficient and competitive electronic payment solution.
  • Competitive ACH Transaction Pricing – Affirmative’s transaction volume enables it to quote single-digit transaction pricing for high volume customers; we are price competitive with the largest financial institutions in the country.
  • No Hold Periods – Qualified accounts have next day access to their funds. Once funds have settled, the funds can be moved to an interest-bearing sweep account with the ODFI.
  • Superior Technology – Affirmative’s ACH Processing Applications are the best in the industry, and our technical expertise is second to none.
  • ACH Processing Power – Affirmative has relationships with multiple ODFIs. Whatever the ACH volume, whatever the size of the business, Affirmative has the connections to get it placed at a competitive price.
  1. Initial investment in operating capital
  2. Financial Institution (ODFI) approval, which means gathering and submitting financial data and business plans
  3. A sufficient infrastructure to manage day to day on-going administrative and operational responsibilities
  4. A certain level of technical and accounting expertise
  5. Commitment to marketing the product in an honest and forthright manner, and most importantly, a long-term dedication to the electronic payments industry
  1. Governmental regulation at the local, state, or national level that severely inhibits your ability to operate the service within legal parameters
  2. An increasingly competitive environment reducing operating margins
  3. Increased costs relating to marketing the service to retail merchants
  4. Fraud exposure from merchants or employees
  5. The inability to process electronic payments due to the loss and unavailability of a replacement ACH Processor-ODFI