NSF Check/Return Item Processing


Collection agencies on the cutting edge understand the value of electronic payments and are working with third party service providers to electronically process payments “live” in the call center or have payments integrated on-line or with an IVR.

There are enormous opportunities within the financial sector for ways to increase fee revenue obtained by an NSF item and/or uncollected check. The source of the incremental fee income is not the bank’s customer base, but income received from the check writer that wrote a bad check to the bank’s commercial customer- who in most cases does not have a direct relationship with the bank.

The NSF check and item processing software automates and streamlines the entire collection cycle from administration duties, reporting, letter writing and accounting functions; providing a cradle to grave item recovery application. Flexible business rules may be defined at hierarchal level settings at the enterprise and single merchant level, automating operations to maximize profit and improve work flow.

NSF Check Processing is hosted on a secure site, a proven and flexible system that offers all the tools necessary to increase your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Realized Benefits

  • Dramatically improves the collection of bad checks for business customers
  • ACH transactions have additional representment rights, targeting payroll dates and Fridays- significant benefit to any bank’s commercial accountholders
  • Creates recurring fee income for the bank
  • Merchant and or bank can access online return item and check detail

Merchant Web Reporting Portal

Affirmative provides an Internet-based merchant reporting portal that includes a current snapshot of recent NSF check status activity along with historical collection information. The merchant site is fully branded and you may choose to provide your customer with a single sign on for integration purposes with their own website if needed.

Affirmative’s advanced reporting technology lets you control the way return items are handled online. The merchant, using a web browser, is able view and retrieve information on their entire returned check program or on a specific store location. For example, an authorized user can view statistical information on the number of checks and returned items that were recovered over the last year for your entire business; and further drill down to include the types of returns received, i.e. NSF or uncollected. For NSF or uncollected items that remain pending due to item representment, the merchant can further drill down and view overall collection history for a specified date range. In addition to the standard reports available, the user may create their own customized reports using an intuitive report wizard that steps a novice user through the entire report creation process.