In person payment by check-check conversion (POP)


Reduce traditional bank fees and processing costs and streamline your check processes with Affirmative’s check conversion program.

Solution- How it Works

Verification Program

Affirmative provides a check verification program that allows the transaction to “ping” one of our trusted third party databases as to whether or not there is a likelihood that this payment may bounce prior to converting to an ACH item. This program can provide real-time authorization. A batch file containing eligible ACH items are uploaded and sent to “Ready to Process” status for either sending payment file to your processor or directly to a financial institution for settlement.

Conversion Only

Affirmative provides a Conversion only program, whereby the physical check is scanned and identified at the time of scanning if the item is eligible for ACH conversion. In this model, there are no check verification databases involved. Items not eligible for ACH conversion may be sent through as a Check 21 item or deposited as a physical check. The benefit provided by automatic handling of exception items equips your organization with an all checks program that removes any confusion at the point of sale and streamlines the entire check collection cycle from beginning to end.

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