ACH Now™

Affirmative Technologies embraces the latest most advanced technology to conduct your daily ACH processing needs. ACH Origination and Processing software provides a robust virtual terminal including a web service for advanced reporting and reconciliation tools designed for your cash management needs. Your business clients can “map” their existing fixed-length or delimited file into require NACHA format. The software supports one-time and recurring payments based on flexible, user-defined schedules.

What it provides

  • Web based, no software to purchase
  • Reduces banking fees and paper check handling costs
  • SSL 256-bit data encryption
  • Geographic redundant data centers ensures 100% uptime
  • Strongest encryption methods and security protocols in place

Product and Services Available

  • Payment Integration- Web Services
  • Mobile Payments
  • Virtual Terminal
  • All ACH SEC codes and Check 21
  • Check & ID Verification Solutions

How it works:

Once the merchant or biller is approved for payment processing, they will receive a user ID and password to a privately labeled virtual terminal. A user-friendly menu is available for the entry or importing of checking account/savings information in batch mode or through web services.

Transactions are manually entered, or a file is uploaded, verified and submitted to the Financial Institution or Third Party Service Provider for settlement. The application is also capable of sending a NACHA formatted file direct to FED/ACH Operator if needed. ACHNow™ provides real-time access for viewing transaction status, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.™ utilizes speed and other advantages of electronic processing–automatically debiting the customer’s bank account and crediting the company’s business™ is user-friendly-entry-level personnel become familiar with its operation very quickly.


There are many advantages that electronic payment transactions bring to traditional payment and settlement systems:

Faster Settlements-Notification

Most electronic ACH Network transactions are processed in 24 – 48 hours. Faster processing means faster NSF notification and more efficient check recovery. In addition, faster processing translates into increased cash availability and the potential to earn higher interest through better cash management.

Returned Unpaid – Uncollected Items

As with paper checks, electronic payments processed via the ACH Network can be returned as NSF items or uncollected funds. The payments can easily be resubmitted a second or third time prior to being sent to a Collection Agency.

Customer Service-Convenience

More and more consumers are opting for electronic solutions for recurring payments and direct deposits. They are looking for convenience and ways to eliminate mundane tasks such as writing the same checks every month. Electronic check processing increases customer service, no need for writing checks and mailing. Give them what they want, your business will benefit at the same time.

COD – Customer Service

Electronic check processing increases customer service on COD shipments–no need for expensive money orders or cashier’s checks.™ enables your business to offer a hassle-free product delivery service that’s convenient for customers. Don’t pay for check verification or guarantee-save your money. Delaying shipments just a day or two, waiting until the check clears, takes the expense and risk out of COD shipments.

Multiple Order Channels

Checks by telephone, by fax, or over the Internet, broaden your businesses’ marketing reach, increasing the potential customer base.

Cost Advantage

Electronic transactions are less costly–flat fee per transaction versus a percentage of the total sale with credit cards.

Competitive Advantage

Having access to the latest electronic check processing technology will provide your business an advantage over competitors.

Take Checks With Confidence

Now you can take checks with confidence. Adding check acceptance as a form of payment adds convenience, which increases customer options, leading to increased sales and revenues.

It is clear that those Businesses that embrace new technology and offer customers more payment options, have a better chance of succeeding in today’s fast paced economy and competitive environment. Implementing an electronic check processing strategy will help your business succeed.