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Affirmative Technologies at a Glance

Formed in 1998, Affirmative Technologies Inc., is a privately owned software company that develops electronic payment processing applications; licensing technology in a highly secure data hosted environment. We offer our customers Web-based ACH-Check 21 solutions enabling them to focus on marketing their own products and services, instead of using valuable time, investment capital, and human resources to build and maintain proprietary payment systems.


Our Mission is to provide the most sophisticated electronic payment solutions in the marketplace, while building Long Lasting Relationships with our customers.

Affirmative Technologies’ commitment is to remain ahead of the crowd for electronic payment and processing software. Our core products are based on the most current efficient technologies, not outdated and increasingly vulnerable legacy systems. We are proud that our extensive research and development has resulted in providing solutions that enhance revenue and reduce costs. We continue to focus on our customers, who have always been our first priority.

We continue to research cutting edge technologies, with an eye towards adding capabilities to our applications without compromising the flexibility and security our customers demand.

Services and Markets

Affirmative’s primary customers include third party payment processors and financial institutions, as well as medium to large business entities that are seeking an enterprise ACH payment solution across their organization.

Affirmative’s business model and its sole focus as a technology provider, rather than a direct payment processor, has enabled us to produce and continually improve through interactive client input, electronic payment processing applications that are on the cutting edge of technology within the industry.

Affirmative employs a team of senior software developers, technical support professionals, and electronic payment industry experts, available to assist in creating unique solutions for any business model regardless of size or payment intake complexity.

Who do we serve?

  • Retail Brick & Mortar – Internet Merchants
  • Financial Institutions acting as ODFIs
  • Third Party ACH Processors-Senders, Value Added Resellers
  • Independent Software Vendors and Payment Aggregators

What makes us unique?

Affirmative doesn’t directly process payment transactions through Financial Institutions, but rather is a technology provider for our clients who offer direct payment processing models and solutions such as WEB payments, Point-Of-Sale, Telephone, Back Office Conversion, or Check 21 processing in the marketplace.

Focusing solely on building electronic payment technology has enabled us to produce and continually improve upon our applications through interactive client input; delivering our clients with innovative technology solutions that allows for continued expansion in the various markets they serve.

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Affirmative Product Solutions

Affirmative offers software solutions and multiple payment applications; including ACH origination and processing platforms depending on your industry, check recovery software services, or an enterprise payment processing and settlement provider.

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Affirmative Technologies, Inc.
35111 U.S. Highway 19 North, Suite 200
Palm Harbor, FL 34684-1907
1-888-216-1808 – Main Number. Contact Sales @ Ext. 225